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Viddhartha is the name I chose for my personification and projects nearly 30 years ago. It has become my identifier, my label. It is the name on my email, my website, and on my wedding and event image making business. It is the name with which I often sign my works. It is the name with which I identify the shows with which I collaborate and curate. It is a small voice.

Viddhartha contains the parts vid (for video) and art. Also, dh-- don't hate, double hitter, degrees of hardness, doing homework, and many more meanings. Viddhartha --as a whole it implies a spirituality and a path. Siddhartha, Herman Hesse, and the adventures of the young Buddha. An inspiration. As another part, it ends with a ha, a laugh. All parts of me and what I wish for the world.

My path as an artist is an adventure. I experiment, I digest, I think some more. I make. I seek. I encounter miracles and insights and I wonder. I also struggle. I seek companions, like-minded souls. I teach. I advise. I listen. I learn. I share and collaborate. I open. I plow forward. I find new venues. I invite others along. I seek a way to continue. Viddhartha.