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Watch for our next call, coming soon. Imagine: the 3rd Annual Video Fall-Out.

For those of you who entered our open call for Flower photos, thank you. We got many wonderful entries. The compilation video of chosen pieces should be available at the Maria Neil Art Project site.

Flower Power at Maria Neil Art Project


Flowers, delicate, yet powerful. Living organisms full of symbol and meaning. And fragrance. What do they mean to you?
Flower Power is looking for submissions of photographs
of flowers, for a rotating digital display for the exhibition, FLOWER POWER, and, also, to be displayed on the Maria Neil webpage.
FLOWER POWER featured photographs and video by Cynthia Penter, Deborah Pinter, and Daiv Whaley.
It also featured an original floral sculpture created by Moe Dixon, and the DIGITAL DISPLAYS described in this call for enties.
The exhibition was held May 2 through June 15, 2014 at the Maria Neil Art Project at 15813 Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44110.
The opening date was Friday May 2, 2014 during the monthly Walk All Over Waterloo. We also held an open nite on the following Walk All Over Waterloo on June 6. The show closed the following week.

Work entered should be photographic based, any technique, original art, on the theme of flowers.

Deadline to enter is April 12, 2014.

Each piece entered should be as a digital file, sized at a maximum of 1280 pixels on the longest side. 72 ppi. Or submit a good quality jpeg or TIFF. I will resize. Only one entry per submitter, please.
Pieces entered will be juried by a committee of Cynthia Penter, Deborah Pinter, Daiv Whaley, and the gallery owners, Adam Tully and John Farina.
Send all digital files to Cynthia Penter at: Include Agreement to Participate.pdf (see below).
  • Click here for Agreement to Participate.pdf